Nike is a well-known brand in the golf community. Nike not only achieves the mainstream sports market but it also has captured the golf industry as well. This brand is widely recognized as well as has become more visible on the golf course in the world. For mid handicappers, Nike golf balls are the best from overall consideration. In addition to that, if you have confusion about how much are Nike golf balls then this article for you. 

There are a lot of sellers out there but who sell Nike golf balls at a cheap price. Here we have incorporated some of the best qualified Nike balls priced approximately $16 – 40.    

How Much Are Nike Golf Balls

Here Is A List Of How Much Are Nike Golf Balls

Nike One RNZ Golf Balls 

The new Nike resin black platinum red and white featuring the rude speed look resin core. It’s an interlocking core design bind to the layer above. It’s considered as the three-dimensional. It bonds with the compression layer over, so you get this tight bonding between the two layers. 

The RXZ golf balls are the best value for any sub-tour golf ball on the market. RXZ golf balls come in with a price of $22.99 per dozen. However, it isn’t perfect for those golfers who require lots of spins as well as check-up control on their wedge shots. It is perfect for long-distance and softer feel for amateurs so golfers can make a good score.  

Nike’s Mojo Golf ball

Who doesn’t know that Nike is a leading brand in the golf community? It is a two-piece design golf ball which is commonly the out layer as well as the core. The layer of the ball is formulated with a high-quality dimple pattern. It’s best for spins and overall durability. Nike’s mojo golf balls fundamentally increase performance and distance on the course. 

Generally speaking, golfers will enjoy the overall quality and durability but costlier than other similar type balls. Moreover, if you like the design and shape then this package is great for the course. 

Crush Extreme

It is one of the most unique dimple design balls in the industry. This well-shaped ball is ideally perfect for longer distance and straighter shots in the air. The ball comes at the standard price than other brands. It is important to note that Nike crush extreme balls are specially designed for durability. If you find quality shots or want to make a good score then this is for you.    

NDX Heat

It is another most popular ball on the market. Nike NDX Heat golf ball is a two-piece ball with an alignment aid. The package (12) of the balls come in at a price of $16.99. NDX Heat offers a background combination of extreme distance and more durability. It can be an impressive gift for golfers. 

Nike Assorted Models Recycled B/C Grade Golf Balls

Nike assorted model golf balls are very playable, good condition balls on the market. These B/C grade golf balls come in drawstring Mesh Onion Skin Bag. It’s a very reasonable price – you will get 72-piece balls at a price of $30.61. Features include moderate surface blemishes, slight scuffs, minor stains which will not affect the trajectory, distance or flight way of the ball. These golf balls will encourage golf players to make a good score.   

Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9

It is a well-manufactured golf ball in the golf industry. This versatile golf ball helps golfers to make a good score. It is developed by high-velocity core, softened ionomer cover as well as 314 dimple aerodynamics. This white color Bi-Ling ball is perfect for long-distance off the tee and from the fairway. 12-piece ball in a package that comes at a price of $39.99.   


Reading this article you probably understand how much are Nike golf balls. Most golfers find cheap rated balls for the best performance but you have to consider what ball will use for subject distance or spin. It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or expert golfers in the golf industry. With a well-rounded Nike golf ball, each golfer can make a good score. In this article, we have discussed some of the most effective points on Nike golf balls which will help you to find the best balls at a reasonable price.  


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