A golf ball is the most important thing that is made of mostly plastic and rubber materials. It is mainly designed to be used in the game of golf. As a golfer, you can buy new balls for a little as $10 a dozen.  Basically, the difference between the low price balls and the high price balls typically depends on materials and design. Even though, the manufacturing process of the balls can be very similar as is the cost. 

As per manufacturers, to make the least expensive ball it costs $0.55 per ball. On the other hand, the cost to create the most precious ball is probably $0.90 per ball. So, how much of a difference does the price of a golf ball make to the performance? If you have the same question then you are in the right place to get exact answers to step by step. 

How Much Are Golf Balls

The List Of How Much Are Golf Balls

Non-Branded Balls

Non-branded (white) logo golf balls are not bad quality – they come in at a price of 12.24 per box. Non-branded white logo golf balls have no printing of the brand name. Even, they have no number on them. These kinds of balls are totally plain making but ideal for a corporate logo. The maximum print size of non-branded white golf balls is approximately 27mm for rectangular logos or text. As per the design of the ball, circular as well as squire logo are generally printed between 18 and 22mm wide.     

X2 Hot – Yellow Printed

The X2 hot is the best golf ball for distance, optimized for different swing speeds. It is high-quality materials construction and more well-rounded. It has a wonderful blend of distance as well as control. This well-designed ball would spin significantly less when matched with the speed regime tour-ball line. 

The X2 hot provides a maximum distance with lower spin to lessen hooks as well as slices on all shots. According to the manufacturer, the X2 hot is designed for each golfer with a swing speed of less than 90 mph. This is less price ball comes in with a price of $25.85 per dozen. 

Slazenger and Decathlon

What are you giving up in terms of performance? Now we are describing two of the cheapest golf balls you could possibly find. Slazenger V100 golf ball that is a unique design golf ball comes in with a price of $8.42 per dozen. Next Decathlon assist distance 100 golf ball comes in at a price of $6.46 per dozen. The question is just what we are giving up when you put a golf ball like one of these two in play versus a premium golf ball.  

Maxfli Tour Matte Green Golf Ball

Ideal performance with Maxfli Tour golf balls. It is large and softcore construction means that it delivers the exceptionally smooth feel and response on shots from tee to green. It combined with an inner layer of ionomer to create optimal spin, and higher ball speeds. If you have a medium budget then this is for you. Maxfli green golf balls come in at a price of $34.99 per piece. 

The innovative Center of Gravity pending of Patents of Balanced Technology aligns the Moment of Inertia of the golf ball with the desired objective for a reduced lateral turn and an optimal flight of the ball. It is a premium cast urethane cover that features an aerodynamic pattern of 318 dimples for stable flight.

Titleist  Pro V1 Golf Ball

It is a high-performance golf ball that is mainly designed to work together. It delivers outstanding performance and ensures more speed for remarkable distances. Features include penetrating flight, drop-and-stop, very low long game spin control and soft feel. It is improved by multi-component technology, including 2.0 ZG process core for more distance. 

Due to the 352 tetrahedral dimple design, you will get a consistent flight. It is a high-quality golf ball that comes in at a price of $47.99 per piece. You will be delighted with its performance. To make the best score it will be an ideal weapon in the master tournament.  

Titleist AVX Golf Ball

It is another super durable golf ball available in the market. Are you thinking of how much are golf balls?  Titleist AVX is a well-shaped high-performance golf ball that comes in at a price of $39.99 per piece. It is developed by aerodynamic technology, so there is no doubt about performance.   

Using this ball you will get well-balanced while hitting. Titleist AVX golf ball is perfect for those golfers who prioritize distance. It has an extremely soft feel with a piercing as well as low ball flight. It has a GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover that helps to make the premium score and ensure long-lasting durability.  

TaylorMade TP5 Pix USA Golf Ball

This is a multi-color single design ball in the market. For better feedback, it’s the best golf ball for women. It is a more durable undercoating printing ball that encourages players to make good scores. This wonderful shape ball is improved by HFX technology. It’s the latest design that ensures the ultimate performance statement. 

With amazing graphics, you will be able to see how much overall and side spin is generated around the green. This 3-layer Tri-Fast Core features ball comes in at a price of $44.99 per piece. If you compare quality then it’s a reasonable price. 

Final Word:

Reading this article you confidently understand how much are golf balls. With a well-rounded golf ball, each golfer can make a good score. Here is this article we have incorporated some golf balls with the price. This article not only helps to understand the golf ball price ratio but also helps to choose the best ball. Present golf ball technology offers good prices on balls – these are ideally suited for beginners to expert golfers. If you have a tight budget then choose non-branded balls or X2 Hot balls, these are also good for regular practices. 


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