Welcome to the next generation of Zepp golf. Using the latest designed Zeep 2 golf you can achieve your goal and they are the revolutionary Smart Coach training system. A Zeep 2 golf analysis system comes with a little sensor that goes on the glove backward by Bluetooth. You can operate it by mobile devices as well as either android or apple. You will be able to measure swing speed properly. 

It’s a little setup on the box that is very much like you generally expect mobile phones to look like a mobile phone package. In addition, you will get the instruction manual just hidden inside the box. Features also include the sensor function inside the devices that fundamentally clips onto your glove. 

The List Of On How To Use Zepp 2 Golf

3D Swing Analysis

It is very important when you aspects of your swing. If you get a small size old sensor – don’t worry, you just cut the top of your glove to show you in a second. You connect it to your gloves and it slides underneath as well as the cable attached by USB. So the perfect to pop straight into your computer or into a socket. 

Now only behind the center, it sits in the back of your golf glove as you can attach the sensor. In a case of just screwing in the sensor on the top and turn on see hold on for four seconds. And then turn it on them if you then need to do is to connect your phone via BlueTooth or pick it up and away you go.

Instant Evaluation

If we are entering about the set goal by a panel it is really easy to connect. So you have to consider some key metrics like backswing, club speed, and tempo. If you are very beginners then a 10 swing instant evaluation basically will help you to focus on the intellectual improvement of your game.  

Remember what you’re going to connect. To get accurate calculation you must connect Bluetooth. For instance, you just press Bluetooth on when your device turns on itself and away you go. If soon your phone is connected that’s turned when you press. Therefore, you can digit back if you want. 

Smart Coach 

When you actually look back through data Zipp golf isn’t happy that’s readily available on android and the apple markets. To get it you just download; the initial screen provides you to see visible swing analysis. In the course, there’s a video analysis option to use your camera and also the instant evaluation. Moreover, you will get an idea of six different swings once. 

Real-World Example

If you have done your swings it provides you a scove. So your score is rated using tempo clubhead speed hand. Also, you have a swing path that will give you a score and from that point it then allows you to go through on a plan. If you need more power the recommend a certain amount of different drills. To get a clubhead speed you will get a two-finger drill that can turn though the ball which is something I actually work on at the moment. 


You probably have enjoyed reading this article. I think that Zepp 2 golf is a great movement tracker, you surely understand after this article. Now, most people are blasting it on google play. Here in this article, we have incorporated all important features which will help you to choose the best one. We also believe that this new software will provide a completely easier way with massive confidence. You simply can use it to install on the mobile phone.   


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