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Here are ten of the most popular and best all-around golf swing analyzers that you can get for a reasonable price. Any of these ten tools will help you improve your swing and up your game. I’ve analyzed each and written my full review below.

Introduction to the Golf Swing Analyzer

A golf swing analyzer is a specialized tool that helps golfers of all ages, ability levels, and backgrounds improve their swing. Golf swing analyzers help you get data-driven when thinking about your golf skills and swing habits and help you collect valuable information that you can use to coach yourself towards a better game.

Whether you are just picking up the game or can play through 18 holes well, there are always ways that you can improve as a golfer. A swing analyzer helps you get specific about areas that need work, and some of the best tools out there can even help guide you in the right direction.

In the guide that follows, I’ve reviewed ten of the most popular golf swing analyzers out there. But first, I’ll share some information that will help you choose the right swing analyzer that will match your needs and abilities.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer

How to Choose a Golf Swing Analyzer

There are a lot more golf swing analyzing tools on the market than you might expect, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the analyzer that is right for you.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Most golf swing analyzers can sync up to mobile devices directly, making it easy for you to examine data and information about your swing habits. With just a Bluetooth connection, a mobile compatible swing analyzer will communicate with your phone or tablet and share a ton of valuable data with you.

If you don’t have a compatible mobile device, most swing analyzers can still work with your home computer. But not having your data on hand, while you are playing, does put you at something of a disadvantage. If you want to actually use your data often and have it make an impact on your game, buying an analyzer that works with your phone can make a big difference.

Device Weight

For some casual, hobbyists golfers, club weight won’t make much of a difference in gameplay. But if you are really trying to get analytical about your swing and get specific about the things you need to change, every little factor can make a big difference. And you don’t want the weight of your swing analyzer to be a factor that you haven’t prepared for when your game matters most.

When choosing a golf swing analyzer, you want to look for a device that is light enough that it won’t have a noticeable effect on your swing patterns. Depending on your level of gameplay, even a few grams could make some difference in your swing. But as a rule of thumb, look for a lighter device. Larger, heavier, clunky devices will have a large effect on your swing, and won’t produce data which is as useful for analysis.

Device Attachment Area

Whatever golf swing analyzer you choose, the device you select will need to attach to your club somehow in order to get data about your game. There are a few different places that analyzers commonly attach, each with their own benefits.

But of the club” devices attach behind the head of your club, and are the most common type of golf swing analyzer. This type of device may have a slightly larger mechanical effect on your swing since the weight of the device is close to where the golf ball will be struck.

This type of device may not have the same mechanical effect on your swing as a “butt of club” analyzer. But having a device attached closer to your grip can be cumbersome, and these types of analyzers can feel like they get in the way.

On the glove” analyzers attach to your golf glove, and aren’t fixed to your club at all. For serious players, this may be the best option, since no added weight to your club means that you will practice a real swing. However, this type of analyzer can be uncomfortable.

Relevant Data Collected

Different types of devices can collect different kinds of data about your swing, and you will want to pick a swing analyzer that gives you all of the information that you need. The most basic analyzers should at least send you information about the following:

  • Swing path
  • ​Swing tempo
  • Face angle
  • Swing “hitches” or inconsistencies

More data is obviously better, but you will want to be sure that any device you choose can at least help you collect information about the basics.

Other Considerations

In addition to the considerations above, you will want to also keep in mind factors like brand, price, durability, color and design, customer and critical reception, availability, and more when choosing a golf swing analyzer to up your game.

In the reviews that follow, I’ve taken all of these factors and others into consideration to share information on the top ten golf swing analyzers on the market.

The list of the 10 Golf Swing Analyzers Reviews

1. Blast Golf Swing Trainer | Analyzes Swing

Specifically designed by golf professionals for players at all levels of the game, the Blast Motion swing analyzer is a well-rounded tool with a lot of precision. Here are its coolest features.

Blast Golf Swing Trainer

Highly Precise Data Capture

With professional golfers in mind, the Blast Swing was designed to capture incredibly precise elements of a golf swing. This tool can capture highly accurate data about your swing speed, loft, lie, tempo, rotation change, and more. All of this information is stored automatically on connected devices, and all of this data will help you play like a pro.

Video Tips and Drills

Just because it puts such an emphasis on precision doesn’t mean that the Blast Swing isn’t a great tool for beginners, too.

This analyzer’s software comes with a ton of video tips, beginner and intermediate player drills, and other tools to help even starters hone their game.

One-Touch Highlight Sharing

The Blast Swing lets you share all of your playing data on social media or through your email with just a single touch, giving you the power to brag about an impressive game or ask for advice following a disappointing one.

2. Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

This golf swing analyzer is glove mounted and has a few other great features that make it a unique pick and a great choice for improving your swing. Here are some of the highlights.

Convenient Mounting and Wire-Free Sync

The Zepp golf analyzer is easy to attach to your favorite pair of gloves, and won’t get in the way of your swing once you are comfortable with it. Plus, since it is glove mounted, you won’t need to switch it between clubs through the course of a game. Add in wire-free, easy syncing with your favorite mobile device, and this tool is truly convenient.

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Golf With the Pros

Once the Zepp records information about your swing, you can compare 3D images of your game with a captured video of the pros to see where your technique stacks up. Juxtaposing your skills over those of professionals will give you clues about what to fix.

Full Data Capture

The fact that it fixes onto a glove and not a club doesn’t mean that the Zepp can’t capture good data about your swing. This tool can track clubhead speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation and more.

3. SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer

This is a great choice for a lightweight, all-around powerful swing analyzer that does everything you need to up your golf game.

Here are a few of the features that make this shaft-mounted tool so powerful

High Detail Capture

SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer

The SwingSmart Duo captures every detail of your swing, and the included patented software models those details into a 3D rendered image of your swing. This highly detailed capture makes each of the swings you analyze feel like real life, and analyzing this hyper-realistic data is almost guaranteed to improve your game.

Low-Pressure Training Mode

Every swing can’t be a masterpiece, and the SwingSmart Duo understands this and gives you the room to practice in a low-pressure training environment. By entering training mode, you can get all of the same highly detailed information about your swing without ever hitting a ball.

Share Your Results

After the SwingSmart Duo has captured all of the details of your swing, you can share the rendered images and relevant data with anyone else who has access to the SwingSmart Duo software. This makes it easy to ask your friends and coaches for advice after each game.

4. Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

This tool gives you a ton of information about your overall game and will help you improve on every hole that you usually play. Here are its coolest features.

Collect And Review All Of Your Personal Stats

Beyond just swing data, the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System tracks every element of your play and lets you look over your stats with a fine-toothed comb. If you want to get serious and analytical about every element of your play, this tool will give you the numbers to do so.

Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System, Red/Black

Course Specific Data

The Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System contains player data, course averages, and other information about more than 32,000 courses around the world. That means that while you are using this tool, you can see how you compare for your favorite courses, and see exa

Club Specific Data

This tool does a great job of recording and organizing data for each club that you love to play with, letting you get analytical about your game for each type of swing you use. With its club-specific approach, the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System gives you lots of useful data about gaps in your play.

5. SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing – Cell Phone Holder Golf Analyzer Accessories

This golf swing analyzer looks and feels sleek and sophisticated, and it features some unique benefits that make it a powerful tool. Here’s a closer look

Immediate Voice Feedback

While most swing analyzers require that you slow down your game and take a moment to reflect in order to digest data, the SwingTalk gives you immediate feedback on your swing as you play.

SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing

This voice feedback feature means that you can practice all day without getting out of your rhythm, all the while learning from valuable data as you play.

Wide Mobile Support

The SwingTalk is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices and boasts wide compatibility with just about any kind of smartphone. Since this tool really shines by allowing you to practice uninterrupted, the wide mobile support is a key feature that you will allow you to up your game while you are playing.

Light, Low-impact Design

This golf swing analyzer is actually installed at the very end of your grip, and only weighs a tiny .3 ounces. These two design elements combined mean that the SwingTalk should have next to no negative impact on your game, and shouldn’t get in the way of great play in the slightest.

6. SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

While this swing analyzer may look a bit bulkier and less “sleek” than some of the other offerings on this list, it is every bit as powerful and useful as a learning tool. Here are the reasons why this is a great device to choose from.

Compatible Design

The SkyCaddie is designed to easily fit all types of clubs and fits easily onto the shaft of your favorite drivers, putters, wedges, and anything else you love to play with. Even if you need swing help in a lot of different aspects of your game, this will be the only analyzer you need to buy.

SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

High Definition 3D Rendering

Once the SkyCaddie has recorded information about your swing, it works to render all of that data into a 3D replay. Notably, the rendered visuals are 60 Frames Per Second. That high definition rendering gives you a lot more detail to ponder over when analyzing your swing.

Visual Comparisons

The SkyCaddie’s software can help you hone your favorite swings by overlaying them against professional examples. This overlay shows you exactly where your swing went wrong and helps you make the minor and important tweaks necessary to step up your game.

7. GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Another glove mounted option, the GolfSense is a great swing analyzer with some unique and powerful features that make it a worthy choice for your needs. Here’s why I love it.

Revolutionary “SwingScore” System

GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer Black

The GolfSense’s included mobile software has one incredibly powerful feature that you won’t find in any other device in the “SwingScore.” This score is a number that quantifies ho

Segment by Segment Analysis

After collecting data about your swing, the GolfSense breaks down information about your game and lets you analyze your swing one segment at a time. By helping deconstruct your game, the GolfSense lets you get hyper-analytical.

Convenient Attachment

Just like other glove-mounted analyzers, one of the big selling points of the GolfSense is that it can be easily fixed to any glove. That means you won’t have to transfer it between clubs or worry about mounting it correctly on different club types.

8. Swingbyte 2 Golf Analyzer with Anker USB Wall Charge Adapter

The Swingbyte 2 is another shaft-mounted analyzer with a lot of functions that make it a powerful tool for any golfer. Here’s why it made it on this list.

Swingbyte 2 Golf Analyzer

Lightweight Design

Designed with professional players in mind, the Swingbyte 2 weighs less than an ounce and shouldn’t have any major effect on your swing. Shaft mounted analyzers don’t need to be quite as featherlight as those that fix onto a club’s butt, but the Swingbyte 2 aims for lighter than light anyhow.

Automatically Backed-up Data

The Swingbyte 2 not only sends all of your swing information to your mobile device immediately, but it also sends information about your swing to Swingbyte’s website so you can access your data from anywhere. Even if you don’t have your mobile device with you, you can check out data about your swing and get strategic about your game.

Play Against Your Best Self

One of the coolest advantages of automatically backing up your data is that the Swingbyte 2 lets you analyze and compete against all of the best swings you have ever taken. You can get precise about how your game is evolving and what things you need to change by comparing your current swing to some of your best from the past.

9. 3Bays iOS Version Golf Putter Analyzer

This analyzer is specific to putting, and won’t give you data about your drives or break down how to use your favorite wedge.

But that doesn’t make it any less useful of a practice tool for serious golfers. Here’s why it deserves your attention.

3Bays iOS Version Golf Putter Analyzer

Hyper-Specific Putting Feedback

Many golfers find that their putt is the weakest part of their game, and the 3Bays helps you overcome any hitches in your putting by getting hyper-specific about how you play on the green. This tool won’t offer you information about your full swing but instead will gather a lot of useful info about your putt that will improve your putt specifically.

Compare With Your Coaches

The 3Bays lets you compare all of your best putts with other putts in your history, but it also gives you the power to share your putts with your coaches with the click of a button. This feature will allow you to compare your putt against whoever you are learning from to get specific about your training.

Super Light-weight

Weighing in at less than a third of an ounce, the 3Bays is the lightest putt analyzer in the world. Especially since your putt is so affected by weight and other small details, this ultra-lightweight design is a great feature.

10. Epson Golf Swing Analysis System M-tracer for Golf Mt500g2

This tool comes with a higher price tag than some of the competitors on this list, but with its solid design and highly accurate information, this analyzer is worth splurging on. Here’s why.

High-Quality Feel

The last thing you want on the golf course is a flimsy accessory that you will have to worry about breaking or dropping. The Epson M-Tracer has a high-quality build and feels that it will push worry out of your mind, and you can be sure that even if it gets bumped or dropped from time to time, this tool will hold up.

Epson Golf Swing Analysis System M-tracer for Golf Mt500g2

Highly Accurate Swing Data

If you need to be sure that all of the data that your swing analyzer captures is highly accurate, the Epson M-Tracer is a great choice that can guarantee nothing but the most accurate results.

Since you are getting an analyzer to get serious about your game, you might as well be sure that all of the data you are using is as precise as it can be.

360-Degree Swing Review

The data collected by the Epson Golf Swing Analysis System M-tracer for Golf Mt500g2 will let you analyze your swing from literally every angle, taking a 360-degree look at your game to find where you need to grow.

Final Verdict

If you want to improve your golf score, practice isn’t enough. You need to be sure that you are practicing the right things, getting smart with your training, and getting analytical about the places you can improve your game. And a golf swing analyzer will give you the data you need to approach improvement with a strategy.

Each of the golf swing analyzers on this list is a great tool that will help you improve your game at a reasonable price. No matter your current level of play, a swing analyzer will help you get to the next level. So re-read our guide and pick your favorite tool, and watch your score on 18 holes get better and better.