There are so many golf swing analyzers that are available on the market today. Unfortunately, most of them are designed for use by iOS devices. This makes it difficult for people using android devices to use the application because it is not compatible with their devices. People with Android devices will appreciate using the 3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer.

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3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer

This is a golf swing analyzer for android. It is one of the lightest analyzers that you can ever find on the market today. This device boasts of advanced motion sensors technology to capture over 10,000 data points on every swing that you make. It will then provide you with instant feedback on any android phone and tablet.

This sensor will fit well on any golf club to the butt end of any grip. You can easily get the GSA app on Google Play and pair the GSA with your android device. This is a small and lightweight device that will not distract you when you are making your swings. It is really a nice product to have for increased swing performance.


  •  This is the world’s lightest analyzer
  •  Fits perfectly well on any golf club
  •  It comes with a leather carrying case
  •  It can be used by people with android devices
  •  A USB charger and quick-start guide are included


  •  It is a relatively expensive golf swing analyzer

Features of The 3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer

3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put 3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer is a one of the Best in our Golf Swing Analyzer List.


This is the lightest Golf Swing Analyzer available on the market today. It is very convenient to use because it does not affect the weight of your club.

3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer

Many people love this device because it is the only one that you can find with such a lightweight when compared to other models that are available.

Android Compatible

You can freely use this device with your android phone or tablet. You only need to download the GSA app of the Google app store in order to pair the device with your android phone or tablet.

This is a device that has been specifically designed for androids.

Power Motion Sensor

You do not have to be a pro in order to this golf swing analyzer. It is designed with a simple and friendly user interface making it very easy to use.

With its power advance motion sensor, the device is able to digitize your swing with the required accuracy.

Immediate Feedback

3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer provides you with immediate feedback after every swing. The information is sent to your android device via Bluetooth.

You can also share the information on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and E-mail.

Variety Of Swing Parameter Measurement

There are different swing parameters that are measured when you are using this device. Some of them include club head speed, face angle, tempo, impact force, and consistency. This is an amazing product for any golf player.

Features at a Glance

  • 3BaysGSA PRO is the world’s lightest golf swing analyzer
  • Golfers can compare swing with their best ones
  • Comes with leather carrying case, USB charger
  • It digitizes swing motion and delivers swing plane

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will this product work well for left-handed people?

A: Yes, I believe it is a great product that will work perfectly well to provide the desired results.

Q: Will this device work on a Kindle HD?

A: I think that kindle is not the android system. It will only work if there is an android mode that is available for kindle.

Q: Can this also work with blackberry?

A: I am not sure about that, but I think it is only for android devices. If you do not get the app for blackberry, then it is not compatible.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the lightest golf swing analyzer on the market, you will not find a product any better than the 3Bays Android Version Golf Swing Analyzer. This is a very lightweight device that will not interfere with the weight of your golf club. Its weight is almost negligible.

This is a perfect product for any person at any training level. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, professional or coach, the device will work perfectly fine.

You can use it with your android devices, and you will be in a position to get immediate feedback after every swing that you. This information will really help you compare the swings and hence improve your performance. It is a product that is worth your investment, and you will definitely have the best moments using it.


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